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Blue Skies

"I have no wish to be cured of being myself"

-Temple Grandin, Ph.D. & Author with Autism

Mission Statement  

What we do...

Keiki Education Living Independent Institute (K.E.L.I.I.) will serve as a vehicle to bring together a collaboration of agencies and individuals to establish a seamless system of care, support and resource programs one of which is called the "Bridge the Transition Gap Hawaii" for children and adults with Autism and other special needs disorders and their families in Hawaii.

Where we're at...

Currently, K.E.L.I.I. is funding services for individuals with autism and other special needs of all ages which are not covered by all insurance plans.

These services include:

-Empowering Parents Seminar Series

-Building Families Social Events

-Programs that focus on strengthening marriages, single parents, siblings, teenagers and children and other groups.

-Provide scholarships for evidence-based emerging medical treatments, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, Interactive Metronome therapy and neurofeedback.

-Year-round raising awareness, collaborating, and partnering with various organizations to create a supportive community for special needs individuals. Together, we can increase the possibility of a successful life for children and adults with autism and other special needs.



Where we want to be...

Our Long Term Vision: To build a multi-disciplinary center to provide an integrated system of care comprised of multiple service providers. Build an integrated neuro-inclusive housing for the Autism/Other Special Needs, Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) families.

Adult independent living facility & training - Brain treatment center - Occupational therapy - Physical therapy - Speech therapy - 

Music therapy - Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy -  

Massage therapy - Neurofeedback therapy - General Education Programs - Medical Care & Services - Job skills training -

Job opportunities within the facility -

-Advocacy program for education and medical services -  

-Food Sustainability: farming, aquaponics, farmers market, etc. - Personal Services: hair salon, fitness facility and more - Recreation Center

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