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Casino Night 2019

"The Pandemic is a blessing in

disguise" says mom of special needs child.

 We are dedicated to 
creating a supportive community for individuals with autism and other special needs to have a higher quality of life and to thrive and grow in a nurturing environment

Keiki Education Living Independent Institute (K.E.L.I.I.) was brought into existence on June 20, 2012, by the Haole family and was named after their child Kelii, who has a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder. 


The mission of K.E.L.I.I. is to help individuals with autism and other special needs to have a higher quality of life, including transitioning out of the Department of Education to adulthood, and teaching independent living.


Our long-term vision is to build a multi-disciplinary center providing an integrated system of care comprised of multiple services providers. 


The Administration and Board of Directors are led by family members of individuals with special needs, as well as professionals including physicians, psychologists, behavior specialists, therapists, and attorneys.

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