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Multidisciplinary Facility 

Creating a supportive community by providing an integrated system of care comprise of various agencies and services providers to help these children and adults to have a higher quality of life.


Social Events  


Free social events with entertainment, popcorn, bouncers, face painting, arts and crafts, games where families with special needs children can socialize and network in supporting one another.


Therapeutic Social Groups 


These social groups are provided by Hawaii Center for Children and Families and Behavioral Therapeutic Sevices of Hawaii, with three areas of focus: Changing ohana, social skills, and dialectical behavior. Changing ohana focuses on phases of family changes including divorce, marriage, adoption, death, illness, domestic violence and transitions. Social skills includes conversational skills, cooperation, conflict resolution, perspective taking, emotion identification, problem solving and accepting differences. Dialectical behavior and therapy group addresses the desire to change patterns of behavior that are not helpful and includes sibling and parenting groups. 

Learn 2 Focus Therapy  


Brain-training program that helps children and adults overcome attention,  memory and coordination limitations. Learn more here.

Multidisciplinary Therapy Program  

SPROUTS therapy evaluations, integrated listening systems (ILS), community therapy, acupuncture, music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, feeding therapy. Learn more here.

Naturopathic Program  

With Dr. Kathryn Taketa-Wong. Comprehensive treatment program includes prescribed series of examinations, specialized laboratory tests, regular office visits, metabolic analysis, dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, medications. Learn more here.

Behavior Social Group  

Community-based outings, teaching life skills training with skilled certified  behaviors workers.

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